The final meeting of the project will be held within the

ITAlian COnference on Survey Methodology - ITACOSM 2017

University of Bologna, June 14-16 2017

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The members of the project have organized five invited sessions on the research topics related to those of the project:

Quantile models and their application in sample survey data
Chair and Organizer: Nicola Salvati University of Pisa
1. Prediction Intervals in Quantile Regression Domenico Vistocco Universiy of Cassino, Davide Passaretti
2. Semiparametric M-quantile random effect modelling for environmental surveys: the case of indoor radon concentration in Lombardy Riccardo Borgoni Milano Bicocca University, Antonella Carcagnì
3. Quantile and M-quantile regression with linked data Enrico Fabrizi Cattolica University, Elena Calegari

Sample surveys for sensitive data
Organizer: Pier Francesco Perri
Chair: Maria Giovanna Ranalli
1. Objective Bayesian estimation of sensitive data from a dichotomous population Maria Maddalena Barbieri Roma Tre University
2. Methodological advances and software for indirect questioning techniques Beatriz Cobo Rodríguez, Maria del Mar Rueda University of Granada
3. Eliciting sensitive data by using indirect questioning techniques: evidences from some real studies Pier Francesco Perri University of Calabria

Non-sampling errors
Chair and Organizer: Emilia Rocco University of Firenze
1. Handling nonignorable nonresponse for mixture distribution data Alina Matei University of Neuchatel, Caren Hasler University of Toronto Scarborough
2. Mean curve estimation with missing data Camelia Goga University of Bourgogne, Hervé Cardot University of Bourgogne, Anne De Moliner EDF Palaisseau
3. Non sampling errors in household surveys: the Bank of Italy's experience Andrea Neri, Bank of Italy

Estimation issues from complex sample designs
Chair and Organizer: Maria Giovanna Ranalli University of Perugia
1. Survey estimators that respect natural orderings Jean D. Opsomer, Mary Meyer, Cristian Oliva Colorado State University
2. Estimation under cross-classified sampling with application to the ELFE survey Anne Ruiz-Gazen Toulose University, Hélène Juillard, Guillaume Chauvet (Insee-ENSAI)
3. Census and social surveys integrated system Stefano Falorsi, ISTAT, F. Solari, A. Fasulo, M. d’Alò, Istat

Session: Small area estimation
Chair: Enrico Fabrizi Cattolica University
1. On prediction for domains based on longitudinal data Tomasz Żądło University of Economics in Katowice
2. Nonparametric maximum likelihood for the estimation of small area unemployment rates from the Italian Labour Force Survey Maria Francesca Marino University of Perugia
3. Small domain estimation using multivariate skew normal models Silvia Pacei University of Bologna, Maria Rosaria Ferrante University of Bologna